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TLR4 as an important target in SARS-COV2 therapy

  Rationale COVID-19 may present with mild, moderate, or severe illness. The severe clinical manifestations include severe pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Syndrome (ARDS), sepsis, and septic shock (Cascella M, Rajnik M, Cuomo A, et al. Features, Evaluation and Treatment Coronavirus (COVID-19) [Updated 2020 Mar 8]. In: StatPearls-. Available from: While the virus itself is only moderately pathogenic and about 50% of infected individuals barely notice (“a bad flu”). The others suffer from

MicrobiotaMi 2020

After the success of our first edition, we are pleased to announce MicrobiotaMi 2020: three days of scientific sessions and multidisciplinary networking at the brand new Humanitas Congress Center in Milan 5th-7th February 2020. The aim of this International meeting is to focus on the molecular mechanisms and interactions in health and disease conditions, including nutritional aspects, sensitization, gut-brain communication, aging, cancer, chronic inflammation, autoimmunity. Motivation for the selection of this topic is that despite a